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Re: Ms. Marvel Movie and Blade Reboot

I like ms. Marvel, and if she gets a movie, I hope she's Ms. Marvel in it. She shouldn't get the name of my favorite superhero (the real, original, Captain Marvel) just because Marvel pulled some jerk moves with copyrights before DC got the rights to the true Captain Marvel. I actually like most of the Marvel comics characters that have the name (my favorite being Peter David's Captain Marvel run) but its always ticked me off that Marvel screwed over my favorite superhero. Regardless, I prefer carol as Ms. Marvel, in her costume she was wearing for years before becoming "Captian Marvel".

A Heroes for Hire movie would be awesome if done right. Put Luke and danny in there, maybe Misty Knight and Jessica Jones as supporting characters, and have them fight someone cool (not some of the lamer villains they've fought, like Nightshade). Maybe Purple Man could fit if they have Jessica as a character, although that may be too uncomfortable for a superhero movie.
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