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Re: Your 'Not Only is it Not A Guilty Pleasure' movie/episode

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Search For Spock. Am I the only person who thinks this movie is pretty good, and a worthy follow up to TWOK?
SFS has always been one of my favorite TOS Films. I was shocked when I first heard people saying that it was one of the "bad Trek films" I'm also surprised when people complain about them undoing Spock's death, because when I saw TWOK when I was 9 I came out of the theater with several theories on how he would return in ST III. I never had a doubt that he would be back.

SFS seems to me to be the flip side of the Menagerie, with Kirk and Crew doing whatever they can and possibly sacrificing everything for Spock, just as he was willing to risk everything to help Captain Pike.
For the longest time I didn't like SFS very much.
Then I saw the original undubbed version.
The German dubbing is sooo bad, not to speak of the translated Klingon, which killed the whole ending.

In the original all the really good acting came finally through.

The biggest problem of that movie is the low budget Nimoy had to work with and the cheap soundstages which really made it look like an overlong TV episode.

Imagine the same story with suitable location shooting and enhanced CGI surroundings for large scale Genesis landscapes to make it look like the exotic strange world it was supposed to be.
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