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Well, now that's out of the way, my self imposed exile on Ceti Alpha 5 can end, and I look forward to visiting here again

Spoilerish stuff may be ahead...

Just saw it at a midnight screening in Australia. There was laughter, tears, and a very entertained crowd after the latest two hour non-stop action extravaganza from JJ and co.

The opening 15 and final 15 minutes detract a bit, but the middle 90 minutes are quite intriguing. There is some real mystery in there, and those of you who have gone cold turkey on Star Trek websites to avoid spoilers will really have fun trying to figure it all out. I sure did.

Yes it's a popcorn action movie, and there are some plot elements that weren't well thought out, but there is plenty of stuff in there for old TOS fans like me to love, and it's a fun action move for everyone else. The Abrams team get the balance right again, but most of all it's another really fun movie.

Go see it at IMAX in 3D - mind blowing!

"Sometimes I get the feeling the only way we could achieve a STAR TREK segment on budget would be to have 60 minutes of Mr. Spock playing kazoo solo as Captain Kirk holds him in his arms while standing in a telephone booth."
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