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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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However it doesn't indicate why Captains from other ships at Starbase Eleven could not be used in the board. They might simply have been excluded out due to:
1. Lack of seniority
2. or conflict of interest
3. or none of the ships at the starbase are "Starship" types and thus no available "Starship" Captains.

Also Kirk mentions his ship being repaired and since 1701 was listed on the status chart it would seem to include ships under repair rather than being upgraded or under construction, IMHO.
It's a "Star Ship Status" display and obviously the chart exclusively shows "Starships".
  • if you believe it shows the repair work in orbit, there should be other starship captains at Starbase 11, waiting for repairs to be finished just as Kirk. A Vulcan starship captain might be excused for not wanting to participate in a trial against a human captain, but I can't imagine why other human starship captains should have an excuse if it's actually a duty they (have to) perform.
  • if you believe it shows the repair work in orbit, isn't it a little strange that the Enterprise just arrived, but the repair job is already 83% complete and still Stone feels compelled to give the order to halt repair on the Intrepid on behalf of Enterprise. ?
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What of the Constellation, beginning with a "10" that is almost identical in outer appearance to those with a prefix of "17"?
Just like the Eagle it is my firm belief that the Constellation is a Starship of the 17th (or 16th) design but its registry number honors the achievements of a previous Starfleet vessel of an (unseen) 10th design.

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Then again, how do we know that all ships 17xx look like the Enterprise?
Because the father of the Enterprise illustrated and said so, and because no vessel with a 17XX has ever been shown that looks differently.

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