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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Well, Krasnovsky, Chandra, and Lindstrom are actually already at Starbase 11. ... . I think we need to believe our eyes instead of what someone says.

That's what I get for making that discovery in the "Court-Martial" thread. (and sorry, you forgot to circle the court clerk who is showing us his back).

But I believe I already mentioned there that the editing of the entire episode is somewhat odd (Kirk runs out of the club and doesn't even look at Areel Shaw, looks like it had been intended for a later scene after she told him she'd be persecutor).

Of course you can either take this scene literal or chalk it off as a production necessity to have many actors in the club including the ones that were not supposed to be there, yet (and seriously, I hadn't noticed their presence in 30 years until the "Court-Martial" thread came up).

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