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Re: Game of Thrones 3.6 - "The Climb" - Rate and discuss

I voted Above Average, again because the bar has been set so high with this season.

Highlights included seeing that little fucker Theon get what's coming to him, though the actor playing his torturer doesn't entirely convince me. He seems too modern for me. Hard to put my (little)finger on it but something about either his lines or his delivery strike me as achronistic. The Twyin/Oleanna scene was as good as one might imagine a Charles Dance/Diana Rigg scene would be. Jon and company's climb was brilliantly done, even if the scene of him and Ygritte kissing on the Wall seemed to have come from a cheesier fantasy film. The scenes with the Freys negotiating with Robb (I love the Blackfish) and those of Jamie, Brienne and Roose Bolton were excellent, well taken from the page.

And of course poor Sansa having her heart broken again was brilliantly done and I'm in the camp that thought it was better showing her reaction than showing Tyrion telling her. Aidan Gillen delivered his closing soliloquy brilliantly and I really didn't see poor Ros' fate coming. Nice to be reminded how hateful Joffrey is!
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