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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

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^^It definitely was.

The discussion in Slate's Who blog noted that there was quite a bit of regional humor in this episode, playing off the typical Londoner's sterotypes of the North, and wondered how much of that was lost on the US audience. [A parallel to the North/South tensions in US culture is obvious] I'd be curious about our UK members' opinion about the effectiveness of the regional bits...
It's much like how they were always slamming Cardiff or Wales in the RTD years and on Torchwood. I'm sure much of that was lost on the US audience as well.
I'm sure a lot of it goes right over my head. But regional humor has a certain cadence where one person says something completely innocuous and the other responds with an apparent non sequitur. When I catch exchanges like that, I always start Googling.

A recent example was "What's the opposite of bliss?" "Um ... Carlisle?" Google Earth showed me a town in northern England named Carlisle, so I got that someone was supposedly just insulted. What I don't get is why.

Oh well, those crazy Brits! Folks in London and/or Cardiff don't like Carlisle for some reason. Let's file that away for future reference.
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