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Warhammer 40k help

I am a huge newbie when it comes to Warhammer 40k. I'm starting to get into the game, learning the lore and such. I'm hoping to get an army started and would enjoy and appreciate some input on what I should choose.
I really like three armies, the Tau Empire, Imperial Guard, and the Space Marines. I enjoy the lore of these three a lot. The Tau, fighting for unison of all life, Greater Good. Space Marines, Destroying everything in the name of the Emperor. The Imperial Guard, fighting for survival as humanity is pushed to the brink.
I also enjoy the playing style of each, the long range fighting of the Tau; the all-round destructive onslaught of the SM; and the more defensive, power inclined IG.
Any recommendations? of course after this I'll have to talk my parents into letting me take up this awesome hobby AND somehow find the money to support it.
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