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Re: A parade of spaceships...

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Here's something to consider. This appears to be the only side elevation model used for the Phanton Cruiser and it shows something pretty interesting regarding the wing angle and their attachment to the fuselage.
Awesome find!

And it appears my conclusion was right. It isn't that the view from above (of my model) won't be wholly consistent with what we saw onscreen but that how that view was drawn and shown onscreen wasn't truly accurate.

Hmm, not even any landing gear of any sort. But then I was pretty sure I'd never seen any before. From the drawings it does look like there could be an aft compartment to this (certainly looks to be room enough), but I don't recall them ever showing even an access hatch at the back of the forward cabin.

Wow, I loved that show as a kid. Looking at it now you get the idea the opening credits suggest something more dramatic overall in tone than what you actually get in the episodes. I know there was something of a reboot (in the '80s I think) which I never saw, but it's interesting to ponder what a more contemporary reboot could be like with some smarter writing. Hell, it's amusing to ponder if something like this could even be done live-action. We follow the adventures of one Space Ghost wherein he's really one of many throughout the universe (or galaxy). He could be one of a number of interstellar or intergalactic sentinels much along the lines of the Green Lantern concept.
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