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Re: A parade of spaceships...

Here's something to consider. This appears to be the only side elevation model used for the Phantom Cruiser and it shows something pretty interesting regarding the wing angle and their attachment to the fuselage.

EDIT: I initially thought that there wasn't much of Toth's work on animation to be found online, and then I stumbled onto this gem, courtesy of the late Alex Toth's official site:

Space Ghost himself wasn't finalized then (the model sheets of the final design for the show are dated in May 1966), so it's clear that either Toth himself later altered the design or it was changed due to time constraints.

Regardless, it does seem to corroborate a few design concepts that we've been questioning (the nature of the attachment between wings and body, the relationship between the paint pattern and ship outline, etc.) Although Toth himself included a section of Space Ghost art in "Alex Toth: By Design!", this page is the only one with images of the (same) Phantom Cruiser, albeit cleaned up.

CartoonConceptDesign has a great collection of Toth's model sheet and concept work, and I do recommend checking it out.
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