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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

Even though Koenig obviously does not look like he's 180 years old, he looks significantly older in the Renegades trailer than he did in Of Gods and Men without his wig. But It works for the project. VI, Generations and OGAM worked because comparing the real world and the Trek world the stories were practically In real time with the actor ageing. You could take advantage of Koenig's different appearance so the poor man doesn't have to spend hours in a makeup chair getting a mask put on! To Serve All My Days was different, it involved de-ageing too.

McCoy was a one scene cameo so Kelley wore a prosthetic face and hair, screen tests show it was originally just greyed up hair and makeup, but in the end the producers decided to significantly age McCoy.

Nimoy's a bit different being a Vulcan (well Spock, not Nimoy!) at first glance he looks the same in VI and Unification, but you notice his hair is greyed up a bit. XI is 19 years later so the character does look a lot older, though it's still the same Spock.
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