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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Stone is studying the chart and then turns to his intercom wherein he directs repairs crews (or whatever) to switch from the Intrepid to the Enterprise. Put together it supports the idea the chart refers to ships being maintainanced and/or repaired and not ships being constructed.
I'd say that the fact, that two starship captains had to be brought to Starbase 11 for Kirk's Court-Martial, is evidence that this chart isn't referring to the repair work in orbit of Starbase 11 but is a To-Do-List for all Starships in Starfleet that are either under construction and/or still in need of upgrades.

Depending how much weight you concede to TOS-R the chart is definitely not referring to the repair work in orbit. NCC-1631 (Intrepid) is in orbit for repairs, but doesn't show up on the list.

Intrepid may be the only other Starship in orbit and Stone's evaluation of the chart (revealing that Enterprise isn't "complete" in contrast to Intrepid which is "complete" and therefore is no longer on this chart) may have led to the decision to give the Enterprise priority.

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In my opinion FJ was closer to getting it right then Jein even if he didn't put as much speculation into it.
I concur. But because of the popular Star Trek Concordance and eventually Okuda's Encyclopedia which both favored Jein's conclusion, we now have with TOS-R ships beginning with a "16" that are identical in outer appearance to those with a prefix of "17".

One more thing:

I do believe that the notion, that Matt Jefferies debated preproduction sketch is not from the 1960's, comes from his suggestion on that sketch that an upgrade or modernization of the ship would merit it an "A"ppendix.

Obviously, the Enterprise was upgraded / modernized between the pilots and the regular series and possibly Jefferies wanted to have the "A" added, but Roddenberry said no and demanded those saucer pencil gridlines.

For the Phase II project, Jefferies simply revisited his idea (definitely now an upgrade or modernization) but - again - TPTB said "no".

Finally, his original idea was used but in a different context when the Enterprise replacement made it onto the screen in ST IV, where most of us became aware of the issue for the very first time (although he had already proposed it years earlier!)

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