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Re: Jem'Hadar Strength

he must literally create energy out of nothing
The expression he himself uses is that he "constantly recharges".

This probably simply means that he's hooked to a wireless power network, like every other piece of Federation hardware (military or civilian) most probably is, and never needs to plug into a physical socket when aboard a starship or starbase or walking on the streets or dwellings of a Federation world.

And he's made of metals, and thus should weigh much more than a human of the same volume whose density is comparable to that of water, but does not.
We don't know what exactly Data is made of. Metals could very well result in a lighter entity than bone, considering that metal support frames such as skulls can be made much thinner for the same strength. Bones or their equivalent (which certain diagrams seen in "Brothers" suggest are part of Data's makeup) in turn can be built porous out of metal basically as easily as they could be made porous out of essentially ceramic materials like bone...

In any case, Data is heavier than water and sinks as told in "Descent" and seen in ST:INS, but a simple flotation aid the size of a standard tire-style life preserver re-floats him; not particularly aphysical by any means.

if Data is able to see them cloaked
Data has never really demonstrated senses in excess of those of humans - Soong was probably very careful not to make him superhuman in that, umm, sense, so as not to create undue Frankenstein fears. Data can sort out his sensory input better, though (say, listen to half a dozen musical pieces at once). I sort of doubt this would help in seeing through the Jem'Hadar cloaks, as Starfleet never demonstrated any piece of equipment that would be capable of this.

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