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White House petition calls for merging Australia and USA to ...

... form "Ameristralia"

So far around 5,000 people have signed this. Needs to get 100,000 signatures before May 24. It just makes me laugh - as it won't happen. Sorry to say it makes those people who signed it look more stupid than they are. For something like this to take place - it would need to go to referendum here also.

AUSTRALIA and the US will merge to form one super nation called Ameristralia. Sound like a gag? Maybe not.

A petition has been created on the official White House website calling for the Obama Administration to join "America and Australia to form Ameristralia".

The "We the People" section on the website was launched in 2011 to allow the public, in accordance with the First Amendment of the US Constitution, to petition the US government on issues deemed important.
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