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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The way he viewed the "TNG verse" was bad for TV Drama. I think that is where a lot of their criticism comes from. I think it is deserved. People will have conflicts it is in our nature. People are not always going to agree, we aren't a bunch of drones.
I don't know. While I understand the frustration of the writers, I've personally always loved the respectful, mature, and professional way the TNG characters acted around each other-- and how there weren't the kind of petty disagreements and soap opera nonsense like we see on every other show.
Agreed. Television drama tropes and cliches be damned, I thought that the TNG crew operated more like a realistic working environment because of the lack of over-the-top contrived conflict between crew members.
I agree also. The writers were frustrated, because Roddenberry's "box" forced them to think outside the usual box of conflict that writers use. Roddenberry's vision for TNG was to show a different culture, not just the 21st century culture in a 24th century setting. For writers it is always more easy to just take todays human behaviour and put it into another surrounding - just because it makes their job easier (easy earned money). Because of Roddenberry's rules they could not do just that. They actually had to wrap their mind around human beeings that behaved different than they do today.

I lost interest in DS9 during the later seasons, when it pretty much became a show about 21st century culture in the 24th century setting of Star Trek. It became boring to me, because it was just the usual stuff. The writers of course loved it, because it was much easier for them to do their job. And maybe some viewers too, because they could relate better to the characters, since they behaved not so much different anymore like todays characters. I personally didnt, because that is not why I watch Star Trek.
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