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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Now I am up to the commentary on Sins of the Father. Man, that opening ship shot in this episode really sucks.
I'm just now listening to this. It's interesting that right off the bat Dan Curry misidentifies this shot as original and not CG. He's asked by Mike Okuda to give details about the shot and he says something to the effect of, "The Enterprise is the 4-foot miniature built by Greg Jein and the bird of prey was built by ILM for Star Trek III."

Now, while it's true this shot was done by CBS Digital for the Next Level sampler disc before Curry was brought aboard the Blu-ray project for S2... and he's probably confusing it with the same shot he re-supervised for "A Matter of Honor" which does in fact have the original miniature elements in it... it's still wrong because that was the 6-foot Enterprise miniature and not the 4-footer (because that wasn't built until S3) and "Sins of the Father" just originally used that S2 shot. But he should know all this because he was the VFX supervisor for both episodes back in the day and the shot should be fresh in his mind from S2. He should have said, "Wait a minute... that's not the shot we just worked on. What is this crap? That looks terrible!"

But of course, CBS Digital decided not to replace the shot with the found elements from S2 and instead retained Max Gabl's digital matte with the CG ships.

If only there were an image on the internet that was from TNG which properly expressed exasperation.
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