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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Alex Ferguson on the verge of retirement?

This seems to have come completely out of the blue. Over the weekend there were stories that Moyes was being lined up as his new number 2 with the obvious intention of succeeding him (in fact I think the bookies have stopped taking bets now) but now it's being claimed it might be a straight swap, with Ferguson annoucing his retirement at the last game of the season?

Can't say I've ever really liked the man, but you cannot argue with his record. Greatest club manager ever, and probably will remain so.

Can Manchester carry on without him (always assuming this is true) or will they go the way of Liverpool?

Have to say it's a brave move to hire Moyes, but would at least make a change from the 'usual suspects'.

Edit to add: His retirement is now confirmed
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