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Re: So besides me who else...

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I thought the casting was pretty decent in STXI, except for Scotty and Chekov.

What I really hated about the film (Besides the black hole stuff) was that there was no cleverness to Kirk's tactics. He just beamed in and shot everyone.

But overall I did like the movie. And I will probably like this one.

Just, this is a different Star Trek than the Star Trek I grew up with. It's a good franchise, but it's a completely different franchise, bearing no relationship with the previous incarnations except for character and place names, and the fact they both occur in the future in space.
From what I can see with Pine's portrayal, Kirk is certainly very clever, but he's restrained about it, preferring brute force to full out strategy. Though as he progresses from the beginning and then toward the end of the film, you can see him starting to branch out a little bit, though he's still a shoot from the hip kind of guy. It's my belief that this is due to the lack of a father figure in his life. He didn't have that Starfleet officer role model that prime universe Kirk had.

I expect we'll see his cleverness open up more as the movies continue forward. Hopefully STID will be an indicator of this.
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