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Re: If you found yourself aboard the Enterprise during TMP...

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Wow, somebody needs to get out of their house more.

I can't help that you came up with a rather flawed idea. Don't get all mad and pissy at me for that.

EDIT: Hell, my question still stands, "How can anyone on the refit Enterprise know in advance that Ilia was going to be kidnapped by V'Ger?" They didn't even know who the hell V'Ger was or what it wanted. Now you think about that.
No, I think someone needs to read and think before replying more.

The idea isn't flawed, but the answer was, since there was no thinking about what the question was.

As for how you'd know, again, you're not paying attention.

YOU find yourself aboard the Enterprise. Again, YOU.

Do YOU know the plot of TMP? Yes? Well then, THAT is how you know, because you're YOU.

It was pretty easy to understand, if you just read the opening post.

You're amazing, dude, really.
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