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Re: The IT Crowd Series Finale to begin filming in 3 weeks

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Chris O'Dowd did a sitcom called FM in which I didn't laugh once. He made 6 episodes of this stinker in between seasons of the IT Crowd and I wondered where his genius was until I remembered that he's just a monkey who reads a script some other bugger wrote. Good lord did you see (the Movie) the Boat the Rocked? Chris and Katherine together again but not a laugh in sight.
Oh my god The Boat That Rocked was very iffy, yet my friend who I saw it with thought it was amazing, though I'm sure that was purely down to the sheer number of good actors in the cast. Meh.

Have you seen Moone Boy? It aired on Sky One here last year sometime, and have no idea if it's aired in any other country. I thought it was pretty good in an offbeat way. O'Dowd played this 12 year old boy's imaginary friend, and it was set in Ireland in the 80s. It was funny, charming, and a little bit bonkers. We have a new series coming this year, and even a third next year. As Sky productions go, it was one of the better new ones last year.

As for more IT Crowd (if only a small amount), I'm excited.
Aren't you just a little bit curious?
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