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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

If your dad hadn't had children he'd own a boat, if he does already have a boat despite you, then he'd have time to actually take it out if you hadn't just "appeared" one fateful day. Meanwhile your mom would be lawyer, if she is a lawyer, then without you she'd be a judge.

There are churchgroups who pay crack addicts to get their tubes tied.

The only people who should be having children are emotionally prepared and financially secure adults who have decided that they want to have babies, who are realistic about the necessary sacrifices.

Too many overweight teenagers are unnecessarily finding surprise babies in their stool, and calling it a miracle.

Neelix had to really talk himself into being a father of an Ocampan child who would be fully grown and moving in with Harry by her first birthday. He came around to the idea of wanting a child like Tuvix, and we saw his process in how he got there, meanwhile Tuvok was half way through completing his Kholinar training when pon far surprised him... Tuvok can't count to seven? Or did he have to repeat a year which caused a clash?

Tuvix said that he considered himself the child of Neelix and Tuvok.

It's the parents job to sacrifice for their kids, not the other way around.
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