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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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... think of this: Star Trek is farther in the future than slavery is in the past.
Given that slavery, forced labor, Human trafficking are present today around the world, and unfortunately aren't even a single day in the past, this would be a fair statement.

If you don't think it's realistic to portray humans as bettering ourselves and socially evolving, take a frakkin' look around you.
The question remains, what constitutes "better." Which of Roddenberry's ideas would be a improvement over what we are now, and which others would result in a future Humanity that is worse than we are at present. It isn't a package deal, we can pick and choose, divide Roddenberry's various ideas and place them in separate categories.

SpHeRe31459 wrote: View Post
So in the end it seems that Roddenberry's best and worst idea was what he made out of his generally very positive and hopeful philosophy of humanity in the future.
His idea for the optimistic future shown in TOS I though was one of his better ideas, TOS was optimistic through showing that mankind simply survived to that point, that (from the perspective of the 1960's) we weren't going to destroy ourselves, we were going to prosper and grow.

Staying away from future Earth was also a excellent idea.

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