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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

And we've already brought up the real world case where parents conceived a child as spare parts for a sick kid they already had.

Ask your mum how long she spent in the abortionists flipping a coin, while she was making you. Last time I didn't ask, I have no idea why she tells me these things, my mum told me that she had had 5 abortions.

Condoms malfunction, the pill malfunctions, diaphragms malfunction, spermicidal jelly doesn't quite reach everywhere or the malfunction is the boyfriends head that he's sure that he can pull out before anything squirts out... We are, baring a select few whose parents are crazy, all accidents that ruined our parents lives because they were too wussy of cheap or ignorant to get an abortion.

Some babies are planned. 95 percent of them however, and that's being generous because of all the 40 year olds in IVF programs, are not.
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