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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

So if your mum needed a kidney and your dad needed a kidney too, and you were all compatible, and if you didn't give a kidney to one of them you're an asshole but if you didn't give a kidney to each of them then you're a motherfucking asshole?

Voyager was told that they were responsible for the destruction of Earth in the 29th century. Did Janeway submit to her execution to save billions or did she fight back and start up the very chain of events which actually did (and did not) lead to the forecasted certain doom of Planet Earth?

Is the Doctor less important, and less real, and have less rights, lets be honest, the Doctor has no rights... The Doctor should have killed himself or chosen not to make the cure rather than allow himself to be the architect of Tuvok's execution. WTF was that last minute handwashing bullshit? We all know Pontious Pilot is a cunt and that if he had had some balls Jesus would probably still be alove today.

If Tuvix had tried to kill the Doctor, then it's appropo if during the proccess if he was aware, then the Doctor should have admitted that Tuvix is more real and more alive and has more rights than he does and that it is the right thing to do under the circumstances to murder a hologram to save a Talaxian/Vulcan hybrid, it was the right thing to do to murder a million holograms to save one Talaxian/Vulcan Hybrid.

Ergo the Doctor is a selfish dick to cling to his life at the cost of Tuvix's existence.
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