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Re: How characters received their names

A couple of more obscure, but interesting ones, from my research...

For "The Savage Curtain," de Forest Research made this naming contribution on December 3, 1968:

Lvak – No conflicts, however, during three seasons, the precedent has been established of giving male Vulcans names beginning with the letter “S.” E.G.s: Spock, Sarek, Stonn, etc. To conform, suggest: Savak, Solak, Surak...
For "Whom Gods Destroy," de Forest Research made this contribution on September 10, 1967:

Garth of Titan – Titan is the name of Saturn’s largest moon. By Star Trek time, 200 years in future, our solar system will be suburbia. Is this meant to indicate that Garth comes from Titan? If meant to indicate an exploit, suggest: Garth of Izar.
"This begs explanation." - de Forest Research on Star Trek

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