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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The way he viewed the "TNG verse" was bad for TV Drama. I think that is where a lot of their criticism comes from. I think it is deserved. People will have conflicts it is in our nature. People are not always going to agree, we aren't a bunch of drones.
I don't know. While I understand the frustration of the writers, I've personally always loved the respectful, mature, and professional way the TNG characters acted around each other-- and how there weren't the kind of petty disagreements and soap opera nonsense like we see on every other show.
And yet all of the TNG fans love BOBW, which is about as contemporary and non-enlightened as you can get vis a vis Shelby out to get Riker's job -- pure soap opera, right down to the apparently evil vixen. On first viewing, I remember turning to my then-girlfriend and saying something like they must have had Roddenberry out of the room when they did this one.

It wouldn't have seemed so objectionable to me except for the fact it really ran in the face of all the 'we're so enlightened' platitudes Capt. Baldy kept trotting out (yeah, you can tell I'm not a TNG fan, right? Well, I will admit that I find season 3 to be about as good as I could have hoped for with the show -- probably because they didn't have time to rewrite everything into the ground, from what I've read.)

Season 3 of TNG on BR ... yeah, strange as it sounds, I will probably buy it at some point -- gotta have something to hold me over till DS9 gets remastered (not holding breath on that one!), now that I've got TOS series and features BR'd.
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