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Re: Leonard Nimoy vs Zachary Quinto

LOL I've got to tell you all something. I have a very close friend. We've been friends since we were both freshmen at Univ... she never really liked Trek and always kinda groaned when I would mention it. Well, she saw this Nimoy/Quinto ad and she says she also saw Quinto today on TV sometime in the morning. She thinks he's really cute/hot and now she's interested in watching STID. I told her she needs to watch ST2009 first (just to see if I could put her off ) and she was like... oh, really? where can I find it? can you send it to me? I wanna watch it!!

LOL. There you go. New convert. But don't blame me. It's all Zach's doing

And the way she was going on about him, I didn't have the heart to tell her he's "taken"... figured I'll let her find out all by herself
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