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Re: How characters received their names

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JemHadar I hear was an Indian name meaning Warrior. Now I'm reading it was Hindi. I'll try to get confirmation.
Umm, Hindi is the main language spoken in India. No contradiction there. Although jemadar is actually from Urdu, another Indian language, and is in turn derived from Persian and Arabic. It was a historic term for generals serving the nobility, although it had various other meanings and was adopted in the British Indian Army as an equivalent to lieutenant's rank.

Along similar lines, "Ferengi" is derived from the Arabic or Persian word for a European (derived from "Frank," i.e. a Frenchman). Why, I have no idea.

Though not a name, April 5 was chosen because it was the writer's son's birthday.
Took me some digging to figure out that was the date of First Contact. You could also mention that Brannon Braga chose his hometown of Bozeman, Montana as the site of that event (and also named Captain Bateson's ship after it).
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