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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Fair enough. Though, I wonder why Tony didn't just hire more people to speed up the wreckage-clearing. He obviously had access to funds.
I was under the impression he was going for "they believe me to be dead" element of surprise. Remember the Chattanooga news van guy? So all that was likely being handled by Pepper, who knew he was alive but wouldn't have known it'd be nice to speed up the cleaning around he garage area.
He seemed fine with gaining access to his monetary funds* and contacting Pepper. In fact, he could have just asked Pepper to prioritize the wreckage-clearing project.

*assuming he didn't go around stealing money from the kid's neighbors...
For all we know he did. When Jarvis updates him, he likely told Jarvis to do just that even though there is no scene where Tony says, "FYI Jarvis after I spoke to Pepper about rushing the rubble clearing update me when the bay doors are clear".

There is some serious over thinking going on here. Pepper knew he was alive, funds not frozen per her. We don't need a scene spelling that out, but some of you seem to be insisting we did.

We didn't see Batman spending time painting his giant fuel bat on the bridge but it happened. Let go a little and ride the coaster guys.
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