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Re: Who is Spock's wife(or mate)?

I don't know of any novels or anything but I always had it in my mind that it would have been nice to have had Spock marry the Romulan Commander from the Enterprise Incident. One might figure that she would be reluctant to go back to Romulus after losing the cloaking device to Kirk and the Enterprise. I doubt that they would be cool with that, might make an example of her.

Spock, having shown some interest, real or not, would if nothing else appreciate her concerns about being an alien among humans and might reach out to her. Starting a long term relationship with her. This might even be a reason that Spock works so hard to normalize relations between Vulcan and Romulus.

I could have even see it where Saavik was actual his daughter, something she keeps secret so as to stand on her on merit, compromising with her father in accepting a sponsorship from him at the academy.
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