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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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There are many different reasons for gun control in some of the bigger northern cities. Some of it was from a culture clash where people from down South, who are extremely friendly but sometimes react to serious insults with lethal force, moved up north where people aren't as overtly friendly to strangers and like to hurl insults all day. The simplest solution was to disarm all the blacks....
Just a bit of stereotyping, don't you think? Northerners may (or may not) tend not to be as friendly as southerners, but the vast majority don't "hurl insults all day." In fact, I don't know anyone who hurls insults all day. And, yes, I grew up in the north and still visit family and friends there.
I think the whole "friendly" thing is BS. I lived in Louisiana for almost a year. I've lived in Cincinnati, DC area and New England. I think those places are more friendly than Baton Rouge.

I'd use the word nice more than friendly to describe most people I knew down there. I don't miss it though. I don't even check their news outlets. I still check and time to time
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