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. . .it's hard to take that cliffhanger seriously... "oh no, the timeline is screwed up!" yeah... I'm biting my nails over that one from Enterprise. . .
I've not seen Matt Winston in anything but Enterprise, so I don't know what he's capable of. But either his performance or his direction was implausible to me when conveying Daniels' state of shock in the future. I was once in an auto accident that totalled my car and smashed up my face-- tore the nose and almost lost an eye when the metal horn ring popped off the steering wheel and clobbered me. For a few moments, with blood pouring out of my face, I thought I was dead. Then realized I couldn't be dead if I was thinking about it. So I managed to squeeze out of the car and ran around in a panic when I saw the damage, "Oh no, my car!" People had to force me to sit down until an ambulance arrived. After surgery an hour later, the adrenalin wore off and I did go into shock, shaking like I was cold. Amazingly, there was no pain or broken bones. Apparently the force of the blow from the horn ring left my face numb for a few days.
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