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Re: Well, I Figured its Time...

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Fantastic work as always, Atolm!

By the way, I first saw your design on the Subspace Comms, which I go to once every month to look at updates, since not everything posted there gets posted here.

For some reason, I always find swept-forward wings fascinating, more exotic. Maybe because I have a tendency to go with swept-back pylons or wings.

However, the current theory is that Warp Drive works by folding space. I'm guessing that the Space Fold Drive is suppose to work by folding space all the way between the departure point and destination, instead of pulling and pushing space in increments.

I would imagine that would take a lot more energy than Warp Drive, especially the further that you fold space. Perhaps a reason that Space Folding technology was put on the back-burners for the more readily available Quantum Slipstream?

And yes, you do have a tendency to try and push the envelope, while I usually try to to variations on a theme, or make descendants of a given design (actually, it was one of your designs that influenced one of my own!), though it might not be very noticeable, given that I haven't really posted that many designs, and I'm a turtle when it comes to posting stuff, due to being OCD at trying to be perfect, so I have a ton of work that isn't finished, and hence hasn't been scanned or posted.

I guess I should follow your example and post something in the next week or so!

Another thing I've noticed time and again is that your hull plating for your designs is always fantastic looking, but half the time, you don't draw in the weapons.
I'm the opposite, I usually pay great attention to weapons arrays, but the deflector grids and hull platings are usually after-thoughts. I wonder why that is the case, and have always thought that this is because we specialize in different details.
Not necessarily a criticism; more of an observation.

Incidentally, because of the dish at the front of the deflector and the lack of phaser arrays, I'm left wondering if the Halo is TOS-era, even though the overall design says Post-Nemesis era.

So, I'm left wondering, what era is the Halo from?
First and foremost, thanks mate!
now IMO, I post most of my finalized designs, I will post ideas I liked, loved, or was eh about because no matter what, I feel they can be used to be compared and contrasted against by others. I don't presume to be the best designer or anything close, but I do believe I have pushed further than most. Everyone has their comfort level with their work and that same comfort level can and usually does change from genre to genre or subject to subject.
As for weapons vs hull details; To me weapons are not important, it is generally easy for me or someone else to drop them onto a ship. But hull lines to me are just another outlet for me to create. I do have my style, so you obviously can tell my designs from anyone else, and when I design, I try to to conform to some "norms" of the subject, but ultimately it will reflect my interpretation of those norms.
Lastly, I would say this ship was TNG, but there are details in the design I purposely put in to evoke a feeling of TOS, and placed those details as an homage...this does also create the dual option of keeping the observer on their toes
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