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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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^Exactly. "Previously" recaps have never been limited solely to the previous hour (except back in the days of strictly episodic TV where they were only used in 2-parters); their purpose is to remind us of the specific things that are relevant to the upcoming episode, no matter how long ago they occurred.
Perhaps I'm being too nitpicky then, but I guess in some cases I don't really see how what's been briefly recapped has any relation to the current episode's plot. I can see where they used the fight footage from the pilot to reference Ulysses' connection with the Tarr family, but they could have not shown that and it would be perfectly clear from the episode's dialogue. Given that I think both the recent episodes dealt with similar themes - namely, the alien characters trying to fit in and gain respect to some extent (or not, going from the previous episode ), why not show some of the clips in the mine when Irisa was trying to talk her opponent down? That would have segued nicely into Datar's feeling that he deserves more respect and influence in Defiance.

Again, maybe I'm just being nitpicky. For anyone interested, here's an interesting interview with Stephanie Leonidas about her role in Defiance.

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