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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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Well with Shockwave it's hard to take that cliffhanger seriously... "oh no, the timeline is screwed up!" yeah... I'm biting my nails over that one from Enterprise.

As for the TCW... well it serves no purpose... we don't know who's fighting who and why... there's no coherent plot... and no resolution... so yeah. I think it's terrible. This without mentioning that time travel in Trek is so cliche it's apparently easier to travel in time and screw up the timeline than it is to warp from point a to point b.
And these are all things that are the fault of Berman and Braga. Yes the studio put the kibosh on some things, but the things that were still under their control were half-baked and they were constantly using the other series as crutches.
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