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Re: The IT Crowd Series Finale to begin filming in 3 weeks

The British produce their fair share of shit sitcoms (Shitcoms?) that are not funny.

I thought the last season of Yes Prime Minister was half assed (a couple months ago, pay attention) until I noticed that they'd just taken the stage play, not changed a fricking thing, and cut the 2 hour play into 6 equal parts.

Chris O'Dowd did a sitcom called FM in which I didn't laugh once. He made 6 episodes of this stinker in between seasons of the IT Crowd and I wondered where his genius was until I remembered that he's just a monkey who reads a script some other bugger wrote. Good lord did you see (the Movie) the Boat the Rocked? Chris and Katherine together again but not a laugh in sight.

Katherine Parkinson was in The Great Out Doors, a fine drama, but it was supposed to be a comedy, and he was far more amusing in Sherlock which was a Drama... Oh, Kathrine was great in Whites. I want more Whites but because the seasons are shorts, an actor in the UK can be in 4 or 5 britcoms simultaneously... So you're never just quite sure if some series is cancelled or not just because it's entire cast is employed elsewhere.

The Yanks have stolen another britcom. They've remade White Van Man as something not horrible called Family Tools.
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