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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Here's a nitpick I thought up. When Tony gets his mojo back after the anxiety attack in the car that his kid friend help him through and then decides to hit the local hardware store to get all the stuff he needs to figure things out, how the hell does he pay for the stuff? Since he left his home in a hurry after it was, you know, attacked and destroyed by bad guys, I doubt he had any money or credit cards on him. But even assuming he did, I doubt even Tony Stark carries that much cash on himself at any given time, and wouldn't his credit cards be locked out if he was presumed dead?
Speaking of which... I'm not sure I really bought the whole "anxiety attack" idea either. Yeah I suppose if one of us suddenly found himself fighting aliens and flying into strange wormholes in the sky, they'd be pretty freaked out for a while.

But Tony had already been exposed to some pretty crazy and fantastic things by that point (a God of Thunder, a giant green rage monster, the crazy ass villains he already fought), so the events of that final Avengers battle don't seem like they would have been THAT overwhelming for him.
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