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In uncharted territory, adventure awaits!!

The Gamma Quadrant, a sector that has not been explored. A bold new frontier where adventure is just around the corner. When a Starfleet ship and crew is taken hostage by the Zantharians, a race which we know little about, it's up to the bold crew of the U.S.S. Galaxy to assist in the rescue of Starfleet's finest.

It is a dark time for the Federation. Starfleet is spread thin due to the threat presented by both the T'saz & the Zantharians. In order to get more ships into the fleet, Starfleet has re-commmissioned several older vessels. The U.S.S. Galaxy NX-70637 the prototype of her class, now under the command of Captain J.D. Bartlet.

Open Positions:
Second Officer (may serve in another position)
Chief Helm Officer
Chief of Operations
Chief of Strategic Operations
Hazard Team Leader
Asst. Chief Science Officer
Asst. Chief Engineer
Asst. Chief Medical Officer
Asst. Chief of Security/Tactical

Join the U.S.S. Galaxy where adventure awaits for those who show up.

To apply send a bio along with your simming experience to Captain Bartlet at: or apply at our group site:

A proud member of Alpha Fleet Simulations Group.
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