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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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So officers DO NOT have a duty to follow ALL orders which are given to them as stated above.
No, but like I said, officers are not obligated to follow illegal orders. Janeway's orders WERE LEGAL. You can debate till you're blue in the face if they're MORAL, but they are LEGAL. There is a difference.

So explain to me how arbitrarily ordering a crew-member to their death in a non-emergency situation is legal.
Because Janeway needs Tuvok and Neelix back.

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No one should be forced sacrifice his or her life for another.
Not until they join the service, anyway (real or fictional). Then they most certainly can be forced.
You can debate if it was the right decision for her crew. (the utilitarian aspect)

The morality of the act is not debatable----this is an obviously immoral act. This is the pre-meditated taking of the life of a sentient being.

Legal. She thinks about it, considers it and orders the person to die.

Lets look at the definitions of murder or manslaughter.

Murder: unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought

Manslaughter: intentional killing that is accompanied by additional circumstances that mitigate, but do not excuse, the killing

A "need" for someone is not justification, legal or moral for her actions. For her actions to be lawful, captains would have to have the rights to decide life and death arbitrarily for their crew in terms of any need.

For instance could trade Tom Paris to a slaver for coffee grounds.
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