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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

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I am the talking down because I have the audacity to not use a euphemism for bullshit after have been accused of wishful thinking for saying that step B comes between step A and C? Seriously?
While you may be right, it would've been a totally different writing staff handling the stories. So the likely result would've looked much, much different than season four.
I agree, it would have still felt too much like a 24th century show. Not that the 23rd century stuff from the last season was per se better, I think it was only better because they often gave it a new spin.
Furthermore a story like Demons / Terra Prime which dealt with Earth problems, the kind of story which should have come first, is of course not imaginable without the Reeves-Stevenses.

So yeah, I totally agree that this wouldn't have been a total game-changer. I like Berman and Braga but it is undeniable that they worked too long for Trek such their story-telling patterns became too familiar to the audience. Take an non-genuine 22nd century story like Vox Sola, it felt like a left-over script from VOY. They had ideas like making Journey to Babel the benchmark for the relations between the future four founding members of the Federation and most of the stories which dealt with Vulcans or Andorians were good ... but there weren't enough of these genuine 22nd century stories.
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