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Re: Ender's Game (2013 Film)

Well, Ben Kingsley is certainly doing the action/sci-fi blockbuster rounds this year. My first reaction was "but he doesn't look like a Maori", but not wanting to be ignorant I checked out some pictures of some actual Maori people and yeah, I can see some strong resemblance to the Indian half of his heritage. Plus if memory serves, the character is himself only half Maori.

As for the trailer...I'm cautiously optimistic. It certainly looks well made and well cast (they're certainly not shy about all the Oscar winners & nominees they've hired) but we'll just have to wait and see how well it's all put together. I note that unless I missed it, there's no shots from the Fantasy Game. It could be they're keeping that under wraps. I'd certainly hate if it was cut from the film altogether.

Just from a practical standpoint, I'm not surprised they upped the ages of the characters by a few years (though I though Card was rather insistent that such would not be the case?), but I am glad they went with early teens rather than later.

If nothing else I'm curious to see how they handle the ending/epilogue. Though no surprise to those of us who've read the novel, it might be a bit of a nasty shock for general audiences. Tonally, at least.

I also wonder given how eager (desperate?) studios seem to be these days to get franchises--especially teen/young adult ones off the ground if they're planning on continuing the series. If so, I'm betting they'll be opting for the Shadow series over the 'Speaker for the Dead', 'Xenocide' & 'Children of the Mind' route. I suppose they could go and do the Formic Wars, but that's a whole different genre & target audience.
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