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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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And this is the problem with a single authority figure with no checks on them. Whenever they get some crazy idea in their head, like executing an innocent person against their will, there's no one to stop them.
Janeway is the captain of a ship. That alone gives her the power - and the right.

The real-world counterparts to this situation aren't just military, in fact. A civilian airline pilot also has near-absolute authority aboard their plane (I believe, although don't quote me on this, that if a passenger is causing enough disruptions, the captain may even order that person shot dead). And this has been the case even before 9/11.
The latter part of your example pertains to emergency situations. This was not an emergency.

She is not a dictator or a god and has no standing in a non-emergency situation to arbitrarily decide life and death.
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