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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Tuvix may not be committing a crime, as such, but remember the argument posited earlier - that Tuvix, as a Starfleet officer (due to Tuvok's memories) should be willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. I'm having a hard time being against this argument. If Tuvix insists on his own life, is this not contrary to that spirit of self-sacrifice that every Starfleet officer is expected to have?
Would you sacrifice yourself to bring back someone from the dead? (Which Tuvok & Neelix are).

This, however, is an irrelevant point. While Tuvix's actions can be debated morally, that is not the question we are asking. The question regards the morality of Janeway's actions (the arbitrary killing of a sentient being in order to save another).
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