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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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The chart is specific as it only indicates starships, hence Jein's conclusion. I doubt these are all starships parked at Starbase 11 (then why bring starship captains in from the outside for Kirk's Court-Martial?), probably just starships that are being constructed and/or still require essential upgrades.
That is a worthy theory. Considering the Stardate of "Court Martial," it is possible it is still early enough to believe some of the starships are at different stages of refit--from (what audiences would describe as) pilot look to regular series look.

But what about the actual numbers? Jein's assumed NCC-1631 for the Intrepid turns out to be "1831" in HD.
Well, that's just a bust for Jein. HD resolution trumps assumption every time.
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