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Cast your minds back to that first ship you ever served on as a roleplayer/writer. I sure you can all remember it. I know I can, and I'm hoping to create as many fond memories for players, as that first ship ever gave me.

Hi. My name is Zack, and I've been playing in rpg's for several years. I've always been either at the helm of the ship, or deep in it's mechanical bowels, but for a long time, I have longed to captain my own vessel, in an era that has not yet been covered by trek lore.

Thus the USS Echo was born. I'm looking for players interested in crewing a ship 13 years forward from Trek cannon in the year 2392. Most positions are available, with only Captain (myself) and our CMO position taken. Civilian characters as well as Starfleet personell are more than welcome, and I'm also hoping to recruit some decent flyboys to command Alpha, beta, gamma and delta flights, our fighter wings.

What follows is the blurb for the game. If you're interested, check out the website at:

or alternatively, drop me an email at:

Here's the blurb....

The year is 2392. Three years ago, the Klingons launched an unprovoked attack on the Romulan Empire, breaking five years of peace in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Federation, who had a peace treaty with both civilisations, sided with the besieged Romulans. Ater a year of bloody conflict, the Klingon people rose up and deposed their Chancellor, Kre'tash. When a new Chancellor, Worf Son Of Mogh, was elected, it was discovered that Kre'tash had in fact been a puppet of a seperatist movement seeking a return to the glorious days of the Romulan Empire. The Federation were quick to switch sides once the truth was revealed, and aided the Klingons in driving the Romulans back.

Now, an uneasy peace has returned to the quadrants. The neutral zone has been refomed, and Federation ships once again patrol its borders.

The USS Echo NCC-76678, an Akira class starship sits in a cradle at the Utopia Planetia ship yards. Her battle damage has been repaired and she has just undergone a major refit. Now she has been assigned a new crew and a new captain. What awaits her in the future is yet to be discovered. The story of The USS Echo and her crew is yet to be written in the stars that lie ahead.
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