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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Tuvix may not be committing a crime, as such, but remember the argument posited earlier - that Tuvix, as a Starfleet officer (due to Tuvok's memories) should be willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. I'm having a hard time being against this argument. If Tuvix insists on his own life, is this not contrary to that spirit of self-sacrifice that every Starfleet officer is expected to have?
I don't see Tuvix as part of Voyager's crew, he was clearly a new type of life form.

Besides, Worf never donated his blood the the dying Romulan even for the greater good. Picard could have ordered him to, but he didn't. In the end Worf kept his respect for his captain.
That's what made The Enemy a great episode. Worf really surprised me in that one when he didn't do the "right" thing by saving the Romulan, who by his own admission didn't want the "klingon filth" in his body anyways.

Even as Bochra and Geordi built a bridge, Worf and his Romulan still had a long way to go. You wonder if Season 7 of DS9 Worf would've done it. Still, it's a very... real... episode.
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