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The IT Crowd Series Finale to begin filming in 3 weeks

Cult British comedy "The IT Crowd" will film its long-anticipated series finale within the next three weeks, according to Bleeding Cool.
The show's creator, Graham Linehan, reportedly broke the news of the show's impending return during an "IT Crowd' panel at the recent reublica conference in Germany. The forty-minute special was written over a year ago, per Bleeding Cool, but due to scheduling conflicts with cast members Chris ODowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry, the stars didn't align until now.
The sitcom, set in the IT department of a London office, ran for four seasons of six episodes. Although a fifth season was ordered in 2010 by British broadcaster Channel 4, Linehan revealed in late 2011 that it would not go ahead, and the series would instead end with an "extended special."
Can't wait.
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