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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Regardless of what you think of my suggestions, the only thing The Best of Both Worlds does for me is waste space on my entertainment shelf. All so I can have a version that cuts out one of the best bits of the entire episode and does so in a sloppy way.
That BoBW got its own release with exclusive extra features is surprising and rather unprecedented. It's a little something for the casual fan who can't afford the season boxsets. You and I both know that the folks at CBS neither have the time or the money to add even more special features (a shame because I would've loved that Klingon audiotrack) I'm still thankful that we're getting to see these episodes in wonderful HD and am more than satisfied with the special features that we ARE getting.
But we're getting them in HD anyway on the season sets. It just feels like a lazy money grab. Do we think that casual fans would honestly mind a beefed up version of the episodes? I would imagine casual fans would rather have the experience beefed up vs. commentary tracks and blooper reels that they'll likely never use.
I don't think its a money grab at all, I think its a good idea. Not everyone who watched TNG will want to purchase the blu-ray season sets as it is a big commitment (money). OTOH they might be willing to part with a much smaller amount to get their favourite episode in HD and they might be so impressed with it they go and buy the season boxsets anyway.

I would imagine more releases of other episodes and box sets (Q Set, Best of TNG set) for those who do not want to pay several hundred dollars/pounds/euros for the whole collection.
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