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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

J.T.B. wrote: View Post
It seemed odd that two big decisions were apparently made without all the partners consulting: Bert, Pete and Joan cooking up the public offering, and Don and Roger putting together the merger.
Did we get any kind of explanation for this? If I were Don I'd be pretty pissed at being kept in the dark about something so big.
Don always hated the Jaguar guy, and rightly so, he was an ass.
I loved watching Don kick Jaguar guy's ass. The guy deserved every word of it.
The Chevy Vega... what a piece of crap that turned out to be. But it was supposed to be the "next big thing," GM's answer to the compact imports, very interesting from the marketing side.
My mother bought one too. It was a great looking car but a real bucket. I don't know that much about cars but it always seemed the engine was way too small for the Vega's "small" body.
Data Holmes wrote: View Post
Was I the only one thinking that the firms would merge since the first eps of the season?
The merger was a complete surprise to me but ever since she left, I have had the feeling that at some point, somehow, Weiner would find a way to bring Peggy back to Cooper, Sterling. It seems that there is too much drama to be missed keeping her working for a different firm.

One word about Joan, in response to someone further upthread (I think it was bill cosby) her sacrifice has not gone for naught. She got a full voting partnership out of it even without the public offering and even though they lost Jaguar. So her ho'ing was not in vain.

And speaking of ho'ing, Peggy nearly pinched off a brick when she flounced into Ted's office and heard Don's voice. Cracked me up.

I do like the merger, though. Some great stuff ahead, I do believe.
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