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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

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From what I remember hearing on that Geek roundtable that TrekMovie linked to a while back, Braga's idea was to have S1 start with a Klingon attack and end with the launch of Enterprise. The rest would've been political stuff (which Braga said was why Broken Bow was one of his favorites in S1) and character intro/building (I guess). It's impossible to tell what it would've been like, since it got killed so early in the process in favor of more "planet/alien of the week" stuff that Braga hated (based on his comments in the interview).
Oh goody! Political stuff! You mean Vulcans and humans were going to spend an entire season making snide remarks about another. Innovative!

In all honesty, that wouldn't have appealed to this Trek fan at all. Maybe if Ron Moore, Ira Behr or even Manny Coto had been showrunner, I'd be curious. But worldbuilding or character development were never Braga's strong suit.
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